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but also to the interests of others.

Philippians 2:4

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Density & Convection

How the plates move

Mass over volume
Is the formula for density
How things are close together
Defines the object's intensity

Measured in grams
Mass is the weight
In centimeters cubed
Volume is the space

Water is neutral point
Used to define the others
Its density is one
Go ask your mother

If it's less dense than water
It will float
Now you ask yourself
How come does the boat?

If it's denser than water
It will obviously sink
Try the experiment
It will make you think

This was a summary of density
I hope it helps you learn
It is not that hard
It only makes your head burn.

Marina Travesso
(http://beityaacov2010.wikispaces.com/Density+poem )

Hands-on Lessons, Labs, & Activities
  Mantle in Motion - use the popular cornstarch and water mixture
    to model pressure on the mantle.
  Moving Mantle - an adaptation of a CPO lab using a GeoBox.
    Directions for an alternative to a GeoBox can be found HERE.
  Density - series of mini investigations to explore density;
    could be used for stations
  Density Investigations from NASA; inspiration for above lesson
  Convection Demonstration - student sheet for this demo from
    Steve Spangler, or Exploration Station
  Convection - classic investigation for observing convection
  Convection Investigations from NASA - inspiration for above
  Density-Convection Connection - investigation exploring the
    relationship between density and convection
Review and Reinforcement Lessons and Activities
  Heat Transfer Worksheet

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